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On September 5th 1996 Dusty Turner was convicted of the murder of Jennifer Evans in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court. Dusty pleaded not guilty to the crime, was convicted and sentenced to 82 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

A second defendant Billy Joe Brown had already been convicted of the same crime. Dusty and Billy Joe had been swim buddies during their SEAL training with the US Navy. Both men were in the last phase of training at the Fort A.P. Hill SEAL training center in Bolling Green, VA....
to where her two friends were waiting. A few minutes later she came back to where Dusty was “holding up the wall.” After bouncing back and forth between Dusty and her friends, Jennifer brought her friends, Andria Burdette and Michelle McCammon, to where Dusty was and introduced them to him. They had to strain to hear the introduction over the loud music and club activities.

Dusty and Jennifer discussed her medical training, his training and the fact that he was in the SEALs. There seemed to be a mutual attraction between the two of them. Jennifer told him she was 21, and he explained that he wasn’t quite there yet. She didn’t believe him so he showed her his fake military I.D. then his real Virginia driver’s license. She turned and showed her friends to ask if the driver’s license looked real. She told her friends that he also claimed to be a SEAL. Andria made the comment that in Navy towns many men in the bars claim to be SEALs. Andria asked him if he was an officer and he said no. To which she replied that he couldn’t be a SEAL if he wasn’t an officer, and that she knew that because her father was in the Navy. Dusty and Jennifer talked about walking barefoot at the beach and thought it would be fun. Jennifer’s friends were not happy that she was attracted to Dusty and that he was not friendlier with them.

During Dusty’s encounter with Jennifer and her friends, Brown was somewhere else in the club getting drunker. A bit before 1:00 a.m. Jennifer and Dusty walked out the rear door into the lobby to the restrooms. Dusty sat in a plush chair, when Jennifer came out of the restroom she sat on the arm of the chair and they talked for a few minutes. She said she wasn't ready to leave but her friend, Andria, had a headache and wanted to leave. She thought Andria was just being a party pooper. Jennifer followed the girls and Dusty walked with her. Jennifer asked the bouncer at the back door for a pen and paper, however he didn’t have one so Dusty got one from the bartender and gave it to Jennifer. She wrote the phone number where she was staying on a napkin. They planned for him to drop Billy Brown off at the barracks, call her for directions and pick her up and spend some time on the beach......continue at (

To write to Dusty, send letters to:

Dustin Turner # 243975
Powhatan CC D-7 43
State Farm , VA 23160

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