Monday, October 24, 2011


‎'The Writ of Actual Innocence obviously contains a burden which is impossible to overcome. When an innocent man can find no relief under this Writ, what is the point of it's existence? It was determined that Billy Brown's confession was credible in that he acted alone in murdering Jennifer Evans, and that I had NO ROLE in the murder or any restraint of the victim. These are the unalterable facts of my case. Yet, as an innocent man, after 16 years of confinement, still I languish in prison. This is a sad ruling not only for my family and friends, but to every citizen of Virginia and of this country who believe in justice. Whether or not I waste away the rest of my life in Virginia's prison system will be up to those who care about me and/or those who care about justice.' -- Dustin Turner

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